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Douglas Snider DDS, MS, APC


General Information

We understand your desire for comfort and health

Your dentist referred you to our office because you have a problem that endodontic treatment may help. Your dentist and I are in the business of saving teeth whenever possible.

We use the latest in visual magnification and radiographic digital imaging including digital focused field CAT scan with the highest resolution currently available.  We use multiple modalities to understand and diagnosis your problem.

If treatment is necessary, the best instruments, surgical operating microscopes and most biocompatible materials are used to give the best possible chance of success.

You come to us for our time and expertise

We will be very thorough as we work to understand your concerns, your dental and medical histories, and the course of your problem.

After Dr. Snider makes the best diagnosis of the situation, he will present a range of options, sequences and timing of treatment. Your understanding the problem and solutions is very important. Dr. Snider uses illustration, models and drawings to be sure that your understanding is complete.

If you think of questions later, do not hesitate to call.