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Douglas Snider DDS, MS, APC


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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Snider,

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent care I received from you and your staff relative to my recent root canal. When I spoke to you by phone shortly after the surgery, I told you that I felt better already, although truthfully this was probably more psychological than anything at that point.

I continue to do well and I am confident we will have a positive outcome. Dr. Lee had given me the option of having him attempt my root canal or to go to a specialist, and I am so thankful I chose the latter. I am also thankful that he refers his patients to you, as it gave me great peace of mind after I met you and read about you professionally, that I would receive what is in my opinion the best endodontic care available in our area.

Thank you again for your expertise and the high level of care and professionalism provided to me.



I am known as the biggest baby,chicken, coward ever known when it comes to going to the dentist.  If someone mentions the word drill, you will hear my car door close before finishing the sentence!

I was so reluctant to get the root canal I waited over a year and prayed it would just go away!   Because of that, I probably had more bone loss than necessary!  I am kicking myself now because Dr Snider has this procedure down pat.  

There was no discomfort at all!  I have had to get more numbing with fillings!! All I can say is this:  Take the sleeping aid, turn up the music, avoid eating or drinking a lot before hand so you can easily sit for 2 hours.  

Voila'!! It's over and you will return home happy, relieved, and satisfied with this great crew!!

Just call me for a referral. I will be glad to talk to you!  Judie (no, he isn't my cousin, son-in-law or anyone I had met before if that's what your thinking!)

Dear Dr. Snider,
 I just want to thank you for all of your hard work during my surgery last Friday. You and your staff were extremely courteous and professional. I'm glad Dr. Gately referred me to your office. Once again, thank you.


Thank you Doug for the good work this morning.  I'll have this graft in place for a while and then get an implant.  It was good to see you, and you were spot on getting me headed in the right direction as usual.  Thanks again,